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Welcome to zaampro.co.uk!

We are an online wholesale distributor offering various consumer goods, including vapes, stash cans, terpenes, pop tops, and other accessories. Our terms and conditions ensure a smooth journey for you. Let's move into the details.

  • 'Terms': Think of it as our handshake – the agreement that makes everything work smoothly.
  • 'Customer': That's you, an enthusiast or a rover, registered to explore and purchase from our treasure trove.
  • 'We,' 'us,' 'our': Zaampro.co.uk, your go-to online wholesale distributor of various consumer goods.
  • 'You,' 'Your': The star of the show, our valued customer.
  • 'Users': Visitors checking out our offerings.
  • 'Personal Information': The bits we need to make your experience personalised. 'Goods': The wonders listed on our site.
  • 'Website' or 'Site': Zaampro.co.uk.

Copyright, Trademark & Third-Party Links:

Just like your favourite vape or stash cans, our site is unique. It's copyrighted, and the third-party links are there to make your journey more interesting; we're not responsible for what happens on those links, though.


For now, our conversations are in English. If other languages join the party, we'll let you know.

Rights and Obligations:

As a customer, you promise to:

  • Be of legal age for vaping adventures.
  • Use Zaampro.co.uk responsibly.
  • Share accurate personal details.
  • Keep it real – no impersonations or fake info.
  • Be respectful in your posts and comments.
  • Stick to the vaping and other purchasing laws of your land.

On our side, we promise to keep the experience smooth, update things occasionally, and ensure a safe space for all.

Personal Data:

Your journey starts with creating a personal account. It's like having your purchasing passport. Don't share it, and let us know if anything fishy happens. Your privacy is essential, and our Privacy Policy entails everything you need to know.


Zaampro.co.uk isn't just a wholesale vape shop; it's a treasure trove of many consumer goods, such as digital scale products, empty carts, Mylar Bag, shake bottles, and many more. Some products contain nicotine, so use them wisely. Follow instructions, keep them away from curious paws and little hands, and reach out if any product arrives damaged.

Every product listed on zaampro.co.uk is of top-notch quality and thoroughly inspected to the best of our knowledge.

Note: Remember, we are third-party sellers, not the ones who made the product. If you need a warranty, reach out to the manufacturers who created it.


Placing an order is quite simple. Be eligible, provide accurate info, and voila – your order is on its way. We may cancel orders under certain circumstances, but once shipped, the order will reach you in a short period based on the delivery days selected.

If you’re interested in placing an order in bulk, it’s best to have a discussion with our customer support team first and then further proceed with your order placement and payment to avoid any possible inconveniences.

Order Cancellation:

If you change your mind before we start the shipping process, reach out to your account manager for order cancellation.

Price and Payments:

Prices, discounts, and delivery costs are set, but sometimes we might tweak them. Payments are easy, either with cash or credit via our trusty friend, PayPal. Guard your account details, and we'll ensure a secure journey.


Our content about the products we sell, e.g. e-liquids, vape devices, pop tops, tubes, and stash cans, is a blend of text, images, and product details. If you spot any typos or inaccuracies, give us a shout.

Limitation of Liability:

We're here 24/7, but sometimes we need a little maintenance. We can't always promise a glitch-free ride, but we're working on it. Product info is from suppliers, and it's your job to ensure they're your shopping soulmates.


Cookies enhance your shopping experience. They remember your preferences and make your cart dreams come true.


We keep it real by banning users who violate our policies. There is no room for fake reviews, spam, or anything against the shopping spirit.


We are here to listen and address any feedback from your side. We open-heartedly receive all your feedback to make some improvements where we can. Your privacy and opinions matter to us, and we hope for mutual respect in return. We kindly ask that you avoid using inappropriate and abusive language, as it won’t be tolerated.

Changes to Terms & Conditions:

We might change things up a bit, but we'll keep you in the loop. Check back every now and then for updates.


By hanging out on zaampro.co.uk, you're saying, "I'm in; provide me with the safest products altogether!"

Contact Us:

Got questions? We're here for you. Reach out anytime!

Buyer Protection:

At zaampro.co.uk, we've got your back. As your trusty online wholesale distributor of different consumer goods and vape products, our buyer protection ensures a secure journey. Ready to dive in?

Buyer Protection Policy:

From non-delivery mysteries to items not as described, our buyer protection has you covered. It's our way of saying, "We're in this together."

Delivery Information:

For delivery services, we use the two most authentic and safe services in the market:

  • Parcelforce Express 24hrs
  • Express 48

Once the order is dispatched, we don’t have control over it. If you experience delays in delivery, it’s the courier's responsibility, not Zaampro’s. However, you will be provided with a tracking ID for all orders once shipped.

We will dispatch your order the same day from Monday to Friday as long as it’s fully paid before 02:00 PM.

Delivery and Refund:

Agree to the delivery and refund policy; your shopping dreams are just a click away. If you receive any damaged or faulty products, just show us the proof. We will send you a replacement once we check it and ensure everything is good. Keep in mind that we don’t do refunds; we only do replacements.

Guarantee and Returns:

We guarantee a safe and secure experience. You can refer to our Returns & Refunds Policy to further clarify any questions arising in your mind. Once your order has been dispatched, it will take some time for the cancellation and refund process to be completed, as we need to receive the product back first.

Note: No returns and refunds will be entertained for used products. If you've already opened the product, we can only accept returns if the item is defective.

Age Verification:

Only adults get the key to our vape wonderland. Before entering, we'll need to verify your age and identity. Age verification is a must for nicotine-carrying products, and we're here to make sure your shopping adventure with us is smooth and quite memorable.